Starship Commander: Arcade – See The New Voice Activated VR Gameplay

Human Interact announced it will be releasing STARSHIP COMMANDER: Arcade to SpringboardVR and Private Label VR locations on December 10th 2018. The Launch of the award-winning experience will expand the virtual reality location-based entertainment industry by introducing players to a next-generation experience that puts the audience in control of the story.

STARSHIP COMMANDER: Arcade is a cinematic, choose-your-own-adventure narrative, inspired by classic PC adventure games like Day of the Tentacle, and Telltale’s Walking Dead series. Go faster-than-light on an adventure through space, as you infiltrate an alien spy facility on a top-secret mission.

Want to role-play as a serious and stoic commander? A brash and argumentative tough guy? Or just troll the game every chance you get? The open dialogue system allows you to speak your mind freely, and the NPCs react accordingly. Powered by the Microsoft Cognitive Services, STARSHIP COMMANDER: Arcade Delivers a next generation adventure game in VR that allows the audience to speak directly to characters without the need to learn cumbersome voice commands.

If players want to know more about their ship and the games lore, they can just ask Sergeant Sarah Pearson. Ready to blow things up? Just say “Let’s go.” You command the story, at your pace and with your style, using a next-gen AI system developed by Microsoft and Human Interact.

Made in Unreal Engine 4, and with outstanding visuals designed by AAA game industry veterans, STARSHIP COMMANDER: Arcade has been meticulously crafted to have a lived-in feel. Mechanical engineers and experienced concept artists worked hand-in-hand to craft the rich universe which you will traverse.

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