Bright Memory: Solo Development Title Looks Incredible – Coming January 12 to Steam Early Access

With the rise of more uber-talented developers looking to make a splash on the gaming scene, we are beginning to see more and more development solo acts take centerstage. One such game currently on our radar is Bright Memory, which is being independently crafted by designer Zeng Xiancheng.

Bright Memory is an all-out action FPS, seamlessly integrating fast-action gunplay with sword combat ala Devil May Cry meets Shadow Warriors. Fans of this type of experience can expect to dive into Bright Memory on January 12, when the first episode is launched via Steam Early Access.

Developed utilizing Unreal Engine 4, Bright Memory has been in development for quite sometime now. In its current state Bright Memory is looking more than satisfying and hopefully with the success of Steam Early Access, Bright Memory could be fully fleshed out.

For more on Bright memory check out the game in action:

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