RUSSIA 2055: Impressive New Announcement Trailer Revealed

Still in early pre-alpha development and based on the latest and initial announcement trailer, which you can enjoy below, RUSSIA 2055 is quickly moving up our list of most anticipated games of 2019.

Expressively portraying an exciting military warfare extravaganza of intense combat, RUSSIA 2055 seems like a mixture of modern combat complimented with a touch sci-fi influence. RUSSIA 2055 has a familiar vibe while maintaining a unique yet vague presentation, ala Hideo Kojima style. If you carefully examine the trailer it looks like players will find themselves with boots on the ground as soldiers, able to also commandeer capable mechs in thrilling combat against an unknown alien force.

What We Know So Far

In year 2055 US Forces and Russian Military conflict halts as they defend Earth from the first alien invasion that first started in Russia. RUSSIA 2055 is a futuristic military first-person shooter game. With a multiplayer of up to 64 Players. Multiplayer consists of Mech vs Mech, Russian vs US Military, Alien vs US/RU.”

If you are interested in potentially gaining early access to the game be sure to follow InvictusVolition via twitter As more updates on RUSSIA 2055 are released we will be sure to keep you updated.

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