RUSSIA 2055: Developer Invictus Volition Hard-at Work Polishing Bugs, Ammo Counter and More

Every time developer Invictus Volition reveals new gameplay for their upcoming sci-fi shooter, RUSSIA 2055, the game never ceases to amaze, while fueling our imagination.

Recently Invictus took to twitter, which has become the developers mainstay of highly anticipated updates surrounding all thing RUSSIA 2055, to inform fans that they (the developer) are still polishing up on the games specific elements. Such as, bug, issues with the games hub and ammo counter.

Impressively, RUSSIA 2055 is a one-man passion project that has all the bells and whistles of a large team development project, so of course we the fans are being as patient and supportive as possible, the only problem, the game already looks amazing!

As Invictus Voiltion continues to update us on their development progress we will be sure to bring you all the details covering RUSSIA 2055.

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