At Sundown Shots in the Dark Review: A Blast to Play with Friends

Always on the hunt for a unique indie experience, it was a refreshing change of pace absorbing all that At Sundown Shots in the Dark had to offer.

Coming to us from indie developer Mind Beast Games, At Sundown Shots in the Dark is a frantic top-down shooter, which forces players to engage in a particular way of combat…in the dark, as users are thrown in various environments. Impressively, this 3rd person shooter approach has players simultaneously playing with both cautious and an offensive edge as you carefully learn the lay of the various arena maps.

At Sundown Shots in the Dark conveniently offers local couch play in addition to some fun bot action allowing player to tightening up their skills against AI opponents. For good measure, the game also includes a beginners tutorial. Something I made great use of from the outset.

With a distinct almost youthful art style, At Sundown Shots in the Dark encourages quick and easy to use options while in combat, taking players through the paces of its combat system, and traversal points. Weapons are plentiful and while learning all of the necessary techniques to distract, bait and confuse your opponent, players are operating their destructive intentions within pitch black areas of the arenas/rooms.

For most maps, the majority of the environments are blanketed in darkness, with only the smallest areas reflecting light or the visibility of your opponent if they happen to be near light sources.

Uniquely, the game introduces a clever hide and seek attribute which upon firing your weapon while standing in the dark does reveal your position for a brief time, giving the enemy a sense of your positioning.

As a fast paced top-down cat and mouse shooter, At Sundown Shots in the Dark is a tactical experience which compliments the thinking players ambitions. Packed with an assortment of firearms such the SMG, dual-wielding pistols (my fav), shotguns, revolver, and more, there are added bragging right benefits to winning a match.

How a player positions themselves throughout a match and utilizes the environment and weapons is critical as bullets can also ricochet off walls and make deadly contact. In addition, the inclusion of grenades, flairs and other tactical elements will also keep your opponents on their toes.

At Sundown Shots in the Dark allows up to four players per match which includes a sort of battle royale last man standing matches, team deathmatch and deathmatch. Mixing it up players can spice up the matches via the games customization options such as the team colors, time of match, AI and even map alteration/rotation. There also power-up options, the option to change respawn time.

What makes At Sundown Shots in the Dark such an enjoyable experience is the competitive nature of the game. After a few spins through the very useful tutorial, I quickly jumped into a 1v1 online deathmatch and it was a blast. Even in defeat, which was not too often I could not wait to jump into the next match. In fact, due to the games high fun factor many players I came across became permanent network friends on my bucket list of ‘must humiliate’.

Sure, At Sundown Shots in the Dark will not be winning any graphical contest anytime soon, yet the games smooth pacing and balanced encounters are exciting. While I wanted to play more games online against a large body of new users, most of my play time has been spent driving my family crazy in local-play couch matches. At the moment, the online community seems a bit shallow which is a shame for a game with so much promise.

Again, for the matches I have played online and there have been many, the game certainly thrives when there are multiple online opponents to test your skills against.

In form, At Sundown Shots in the Dark is a unique approach to the top-down shooter genre that while it doesn’t take itself too serious offers a crazy fun time with friends and newcomers willing to give it try.

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