Quantic Dreams Bringing Their PlayStation Exclusive Hits To PC

This years annual Game Developers Conference has been full of interesting updates for our beloved gaming industry. Thankfully, these updates offer a more pleasing inclusion of sorts as during Epic Games’ entertaining keynote developer Quantic Dream announced that they will in fact be making Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit Become Human available on PC. While the games have yet to receive a PC price update, all three games will made available via Epic’s Games Store.

All three games have been published by Sony Interactive Entertaiment and exclusively available on Sony platforms, thus far. Of course, due to the relationship established between Quantic Dreams and Sony all three games will remain playable as PlayStation console exclusive, while also making their rounds on PC.

Not much thought should go into speculating this maneuver by Quantic Dreams as the studio has alo brought there other IP’s to PC after they spent a few years on console. This is great news for PC gamers who have yet to dive into the thought-provoking narrative escapades always offered by Quantic Dreams.

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