PlayStation Store Offers New 14-Day Refund Policy

Sony PlayStation Store users might be pleased to lean that Sony has updated their refund policy via PSN.

According to the latest update all digital purchases come with a 14-day refund policy. However, only in some cases will users get their money back, sort of. This means that while you can get your hard earned cash back, the money will be only added to your PlayStation wallet amount, not back on your card.

As far as the specifics, full digital game purchases, and DLC content will be refunded within the 14 days, if the download does not start within the 14 days. “If the content is “faulty”, you may be granted a refund after downloading or installing it.”

Thankfully, this also applies to pre-ordered content as well. This does not however apply to PSN name changes, which are nonrefundable.

Lastly, PSN users will still need to contact support as you normally would to request a refund. Sony’s refund process does not yet offer the same automated convenience as Xbox Live or Steam. As it is 2019, you would think that the world’s leading gaming console would have addressed this already.

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